SIMS Established in 2002 is the promoters of this Southern Institute Of Medical Sciences. The Trustees include two professionals practicing medical doctors and a landlord who are residing in Vellarada for more than 22 years. The medical professionals own a hospital - "Ruckmoni Memorial Devi Hospital" in Vellarada and catering to the health care in the zone since 1983.

Object of our Trust is Health and Education to Society. We Maintain or Assist Other Institution for coaching, guidance, conseling, vocational training and to grant individual scholarships for poor, deserving and needy students for elementary and higher education.

The project is located at Ponnambi, Vellarada, Trivandrum District, Kerala. It has a catchment area of so many town and villages. Vellarada is well communicated with transportation facilities available for 24 hrs. Tribals inhabit on the northern side of Vellarada and fisherman on the south. Majority of these group falls under BPL category. Hence this location is ideal for the charity work.

Ruckmoni Memorial Charitable Educational Health Trust is an educational organisation run under the Travancore Cochin Literacy Scientific and Charitable Act .

Ruckmoni Memorial Charitable Educational Health Trust was founded in 2002 by Dr.Shree C.A. Mohan, Dr. R. Devika Mohan and Thiru A. Chelliah.

The trust plans to start many more social welfare programs and more professional institutions including a medical college. With ever increasing support from the community and well wishers, the trust looks forward to establish higher caliber educational institutions and also launch a variety of social welfare programs in the years to come. With God's blessings, the trust hopes to spread their activities in many fields to promote all-around improvements in social educational and economic status in India , especially in Kerala.

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